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Lively is the only animated desktop wallpaper application that you will need.

Its super easy.. barely an inconvenience, just drag & drop the files or webpages to set as wallpaper.

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Videos / GIFs

Eternal Light by VISUALDON

  • Powered by mpv / vlc player.
  • Customize videos with filters.
  • Hardware Acceleration supported.
  • Supports integer scaler for sharp image.


25th Hour by Loius Coyle

  • Load HTML file or web address as wallpaper.
  • Runs webgl, javascript.. basically anything that works on chrome.
  • Audio Reactive Wallpaper support.


Heartfelt by BigWIngs

  • Run GLSL shaders in browser.

  • Custom shader renderer (coming soon.)

  • urls are supported as wallpaper.

    Games & Applications

  • Support Unity, Godot games as wallpaper.

  • Limited support for gui applications as wallpaper.

  • Learn more..


  • Lively supports Windows screensaver.

  • Any wallpaper can be used as screensaver.

  • Multiple monitor supported.

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  • Lively can be controlled with command line arguments from terminal.

  • Can be paired with third party scripting software like AutoHotkey.

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    Lively API

  • Powerful set of API for developers to create interactive wallpapers.

  • Get system information, audio graph, music information..

  • Learn more..

    & more

  • Easy to use; Just drag'n'drop media files & webpages into lively window to set it as wallpaper.

  • Hardware accelerated video playback, powered by mpv player.

  • Interactive webgl wallpapers, powered by lightweight chromium engine Cef.

  • Windows 11 fluent design language.

  • Efficient, Lively is a native .net core application.

  • Fully opensource & free; no blackmagic, no features behind paywall.


    • Wallpaper playback pauses when fullscreen application/games run on the machine (~0% cpu, gpu usage).
    • Set wallpaper playback rules based on running foreground application.
    • Can be set to pause wallpaper when running on battery power (laptops.)
    • Wallpaper automatically pauses when running remote desktop session.

      Multiple displays

  • Supports any number of monitors.

  • Wallpaper adjusts automatically to monitor settings change.

  • Span single wallpaper across all screens.

  • Duplicate same wallpaper across all screens.

  • HiDPI and Ultrawide resolutions supported.

I'm not officially affiliated with Unity technologies, godot, shadertoy;


Microsoft Store (Windows 10 1809 or above)

Get it from Microsoft

Installer (Windows 10 1903 or above)

Installer may give Smartscreen warning, discussion.

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Suggest new features or file bug reports to improve Lively, learn more..


Financially support Lively by become a patreon member and get your name listed in-app, learn more..

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Star this repository, leave a Microsoft store review or tell your friend.. any help is welcome 🙂


Lively is licensed under GPL-v3.